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The adventure mine and the shelter hut on Schneeberg in Passeier (South Tyrol) are on 2355 m above sea-level, are openend from 15th of June until 15th of October and can only be reached by foot; from the Timmelsjochstrasse in Passeier Valley in about 2 to 2,5 hours ( 4 different ways up) and from Maiern in the Ridnaun Valley in 4 hours. Schneeberg is situated on the Tiroler Höhenweg (Tyrol alpine path) and on the 13-Hütten-Rundweg (13 huts circle path).

miner's village  adventure mine  shelter hut  feasts & parties  hiking area  nature 
800 years of mining history
1237 mentioned the first time: " Argentum bonum de Sneberch "
1486 the heydays, up to 1000 miners
1967 end of mining work on Schneeberg
1972 Schneeberg as a shelter hut
1996 Schneeberg as adventure mine  
Mining on Schneeberg
highest situated mine in Europe (2000 m - 2500 m)
highest permanent settlement in Europe (2355 m)
world-wide biggest opencast-mining-conveyor on tracks (27 km)
most important lead and zinc mine of Tyrol
about 130 km of galleries and shafts, can partly be entered 
Museum on 2355 m above sea-level
museum openend from 15th of June until 15th of October
showroom next to the shelter hut, medal minting
miner's village, little church Maria Schnee, trai
gallery tours of 2 hours and for the whole day
guestbus every Wednesday and Thursday 
Mining path: in 2005 newly constructed, 3 sectors
lower mining path 75 min, middle 80 min, upper 45 min
hiking a pleasant way and getting to know interesting things
own book as a guide for the mining path
34 information points with illustrated charts
marked with clours (green, orange, blue)  
Shelter hut Schneeberg
renovated shelter hut since 1995
100 places to sit in 3 inns
100 comfortable places to sleep
warm meals served the whole day
opened from 15th of June until 15th of October 
Hiking area Schneeberg
central crossing point of alpine hiking paths
13 huts circle tour, Tyrol alpine path
species-rich, high alpine flora and fauna
many alpine lakes around
mountainbike tours from Bavaria to the Garda Lake 
ways up, hiking  situated in Passeier  Passeier-map  situated in S. Tyrol   Tabacco-map 039   13 huts 

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